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When it comes to structural integrity and reliability in the construction and manufacturing industries, one material stands out — carbon steel angles.

Metric Metal is your trusted partner for cold drawn and hot rolled carbon steel angles that provide the strength and versatility you need for a wide range of applications.

We offer equal and unequal carbon steel angles in various grades and dimensions, ensuring that our products meet your project’s exact needs. Contact us at Metric Metal and request a quote today.

Various Carbon Steel Angles

At Metric Metal, we offer a diverse range of carbon steel angles designed to meet the specific needs of your projects. With an array of dimensions, thicknesses, and lengths to choose from, you can tailor these angles to your exact requirements.

Our carbon steel angles are built to industry-leading quality standards, ensuring exceptional strength, durability, and weldability for applications in construction, manufacturing, and beyond.

Use Cases for Carbon Steel Angles

Carbon steel angles serve as versatile structural workhorses across various industries, making them indispensable in manufacturing, construction, and beyond. These angles are fashioned into the dependable 90-degree L-shape. However, their adaptability allows them to be seamlessly welded, molded, and machined to suit various applications.

Commonly found as essential components in braces, structural corners, and support structures, carbon steel angles provide robust reinforcement. They also shine as the backbone of transportation frames, where their unmatched strength and reliability are key attributes.

Our Carbon Steel Angle Services

Our options allow you to choose your preferred grade and dimensions. Add them to your quote or start building your quote with Metric Metal.

As part of our services, we include cutting to your exact specifications. We can also take care of logistics and packaging.

Once you receive your order, we can also provide material certifications upon request to ensure you have the right quality for your project.

Quality You Can Build On

Our carbon steel angles meet stringent compliance, and material standards. Our angles offer exceptional strength, durability, and weldability, making them the top choice for braces, corners, support structures, and transportation frames.

Choose quality you can build on. Get your quote from us at Metric Metal today.

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