News From Parker Steel
Introducing: Flat Oval Tubes!
We have now received our highly anticipated stock of flat oval tubes. We offer metric sizes ranging from 20mm x 10mm x 1.5mm wall up to 100mm x 25mm x 2mm wall. This is a welded, non heat treated, and low carbon product in grade E235.
Flat oval tubes are often used in furniture and clothing industries, displays, store construction, shopping carts and more.
Make Way…
With our recent expansion we are now able to accommodate an additional 4 million pounds of steel. The additional storage will improve lead times for our customers and increase accuracy all around.
We have implemented a vertical racking system which is a space-saving and efficient method of storing steel. With all the added vertical space, we can transport material easier and continue to add even more inventory.
The addition of our side-loading forklift has proven to be an extremely accurate and safe machine for handling material. It can maneuver in and out of tight spaces, picking up, carrying and transporting thousands of pounds of material with ease.
Expansion has definitely kept our warehouse associates busy as we fill up these towering racks, while continuing to bring great service to our customers. We commend the hard work from everyone involved in this massive project.
On Time Delivery is Key
As busy as we are, we still manage to retain an over 96% on time delivery rate, and the majority of our orders still go out the same day.
Parker Steel’s customers often need their material immediately. We know this and do everything in our power to provide lightening fast service. Our goal is to answer all sales calls in less than 2 rings, and provide superior customer service.
On Time Delivery
Accurate Orders
Quality Products
Let us prove it to you!
96% of Orders Ship Same Day.
Join the Club!
We now email over 50% of invoices.
Join us and Go Green!
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Metric Size Aluminum

September 2019

Wide Variety of Metric Size Aluminum

Did you know that Parker Steel has an enormous inventory of metric size aluminum products? This strong but lightweight and easily machinable metal is used in virtually every industry. Its lightweight properties make it ideal in the beverage, automotive and aerospace industries.
We’ve Got it All
Parker Steel stocks a huge supply of aluminum in round, flat, hex and square bar as well as round, square and rectangular tubing. We also offer it in structural shapes such as channel, angle and tee as well as sheet and plate. We offer a variety of grades including the 2000 5000, 6000, and 7000 series and a seemingly endless number of metric dimensions. Our in-stock inventory is huge, and most items ship out same day.
It’s “Green”!
Recycling aluminum requires only about 5% of the energy it requires to extract it from the earth, making it one of the most environmentally friendly metals. Even the byproduct of aluminum production and recycling is used in concrete and asphalt production. And don’t worry about running out any time soon; Aluminum is one of the most abundant material on earth!
For mo re information e-mail sales, visit our website or r equest a quote to start the ordering process today.

1st Quarter 2019

News From Parker Steel
Windmill Component Supplier
Parker Steel is a provider of material used in the construction and production of windmills. We have structural material in the metric sizes required for these high-tech machines, many of which are designed in Europe. We supply raw material for many of the other energy industries such as solar, hydro, nuclear, gas, oil and wind.
Remember, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so we comply with the strict regulations, packaging and traceability needed to supply material to these and other industries.
Huge Inventory of 4140 Alloy
4140 is a versatile material grade. It is a low alloy steel, which is used across many industries. It is tough, has a high fatigue strength, and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
Parker Steel offers 4140 material in round, flat, square and hex bar as well as round tube with a variety of conditions including annealed and heat treated. Hundreds of millimeter sizes are available. For more information, see our product guide or download it here.
Expansion is Complete!
We are putting the final touches on our brand new adjoining state-of-the-art warehouse. Complete with high level storage racks, side- loading forklifts, high tech lighting and over 25,000 square feet of storage space. Now you can get even more of what you need, faster.
Having this new warehouse on the same property as two others will speed up order fulfillment time and increase the ability to ship more items same day.
Meet our New Account Executive
We are pleased to announce the addition of Keith Koelsch to the Parker Steel team, in the position of Account Executive.  In this role, Keith is joining our Inside Sales Team, ensuring that we efficiently meet or exceed our customers’ needs.
For the last 17 years, he has worked in Customer Service/Inside Sales. In this role, he has worked closely with customers and team members in developing cost-effective solutions for their customers.
Keith’s strong customer service experience makes him a great addition to our team. Welcome to the team, Keith!
Getting Greener Day by Day
In an an ongoing effort to lessen our environmental impact, Parker Steel is “Going Green”. In our Marketing and Administrative departments, we are taking steps to reduce paper waste as well as using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. We now email over 50% of invoices as opposed to paper mailings.
Please email us here to let us know the address you would like for us to begin sending your digital invoices.
1/2% OFF
We offer ½% 10 Days/Net 30 discount for our open account customers.

4th Quarter 2018 Newsletter

Exciting Changes at Parker Steel
We’re Expanding!
With many new sizes coming in and increasing product demand, it has become essential to create space for more material. We are in the process of building a 25,000 square foot warehouse which will join up with one of our existing warehouses. This new warehouse will feature high tech equipment and technology, top of the line end loading forklifts and high level storage racking systems. The completion date is set for January 2019. With all of this extra space, we will have more of what you need in stock for fast shipments.
New Carriers
Due to the heightening demand and rising fees for LTL shipments, we at Parker Steel have reacted swiftly to bring the best possible shipping value to our customer.
We have added 7 local and national carriers to our approved carrier list including Holland, Old Dominion, ABF, Estes, Saia, YRC and R&L Carriers. We will continue to expand this list in order to continue to bring the best possible service to all of our customers. Parker Steel has a 99.9% Same Day Shipping Performance record. Click here to see our incredible performance history.
96% of Orders Ship Same Day.
Founder Leo Goldner Turns 95
Leo Goldner established the original Parker Steel Company in 1955. He began the business selling hard to find structural steel items mostly to Canada. Leo is still involved in the business and in fact, is credited for the idea of the new warehouse expansion program.
Leo and his wife, Marian (95) enjoy a surprisingly eventful life in Florida these days. These lovebirds celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this year as well. Congrats to you both!
Successful Audit
Parker Steel recently passed our 2ndexternal audit of the ISO 9001-2015 standard. We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2005 and achieved re-certification to the new standard in 2017. This year again, we passed our external audit, with flying colors.
Parker Steel, truly lives and breathes the Quality Management System (QMS) which is critical to our continued success.
Going Green
In an an ongoing effort to lessen our environmental impact, Parker Steel is “Going Green”. We are working with California’s stringent regulations making the necessary changes for shipments headed for California. In our Marketing and Administrative departments we are taking steps to reduce paper waste as well as using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.
Please email us here to let us know the address you would like for us to begin sending your digital invoices.
1/2% OFF
We offer ½% 10 Days/Net 30 discount for our open account customers.

2nd Quarter Newsletter 2018

4140 Alloy Round Tube
Many Sizes Available and in Stock Now!
AISI Cold Drawn Seamless Round Tube is a general-purpose alloy used where substantial strength, toughness and hardness are required. Through tempering, quenching and the cold drawn process, the end result is improved strength and ductility, improved toughness, better fatigue resistance and superior surface condition.
Parker Steel stocks 4140 Alloy round tubes ranging in size from 4 x 0.5 mm up to 40 x 10 mm. We have a wide selection and plenty of stock. Call or email our Sales Department today for recently updated pricing.
Download our 2018 Reference Guide for a list of all offerings
Unique JIS Sizes Available
Need something unusual? Parker Steel offers a huge variety of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) material in lots of unusual sizes.
We pride ourselves on stocking material that is hard to find due to the unusual size. We stock JIS flat bar, square bar, rectangular tubes as well as beams, channel and angle.
We carry close to 100 oddball JIS Flat Bar sizes alone. For example, some of our more popular JIS Carbon Flat Bar SS400 sizes include, 32 x 9 m m, 9 x 6 mm, 38 x 25 mm, 19 x 6 mm and much more. Technical data concerning chemistry and mechanical properties are available on our website for each item.
Please see our 2018 Reference Guide (.pdf page 62) for comparison charts.
JIS Symbol
Metric Structural and Tool Metals
Don’t forget, Parker Steel also carries a wide selection of structural shapes in a variety of metal types and grades. We offer beams, angle, channel, sheet, plate, Tees and more. Many can be found in our carbon stock, as well as structural material in stainless and aluminum. We also offer tool steel in drill rod, flat and square bar which are suitable for tool making. Tool steel is distinctive for its hardness and abrasion resistance, and ability to withstand high temperatures.
Save a Tree!
Attention Accounting Department:
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We offer ½% 10 Days/Net 30 discount for our open account customers.

1st Quarter Newsletter 2017


News From Parker Steel

1st Qtr 2018 Newsletter

Huge Inventory of Stainless Steel


Variety of Shapes and Grades
Among many other types of steel, Parker Steels stocks a huge variety of stainless steel bar, tube, and structural shapes. Within these shapes, a seemingly endless choice of grades and metric dimensions. 
Our stainless steel round bar alone is offered in 8 different turned ground and polished (TGP) grades. Tubing is offered in a variety of grades and we offer everything from 1.8 mm OD capillary tube up to 273 mm OD tubing with varying wall thicknesses. We offer equal and unequal stainless angle as well as channel, T bar, shim stock, plate, and even threaded rod
For your convenience our website publishes the chemistry and mechanical properties and tolerance charts of many of our stainless steel products. Give us a call and our sales team can fill you in on all details you would need.
Our 2018 Reference Guide is Now Available
This guide is full of great information and in-depth detail regarding the specific grades and standards of all metal types for each product can be found. Tolerance charts, DIN and EN comparisons, mechanical properties, US vs. international standards, conversion and equivalency charts, information on finishes, pressure charts and more.
Note that this is only a guide and does not necessarily reflect our current inventory, however we do stock nearly 6,000 line items and can order most anything else. 

 Attention Accounting Department:
In an ongoing effort to save trees, please email your invoices to:
Brass, Copper & Aluminum
Parker Steel offers a lot more than just Carbon and Stainless Steel. We stock a large inventory of Brass Copper and Aluminum in many grades and metric dimensions.
Please see our Reference Guide or simply stroll through our new website to see what we have to offer. If you don’t see what you need, contact us! We are happy to look for your request and we will do our best to find it.

Made it With Metric- Bicycle Vending by Bike and a Box


Metric-Sized Carbon Tubes Help Keep Custom Bicycle Carts Dry

Bike and a Box- Custom Bicycle Cart Vending

Made with Metric


Bike and a Box

Food trucks have been a fixture in and around Los Angeles, CA, for more than 40 years, in the form of Mexican taqueros, where one could get an authentic taco for at least half the price of a sit down restaurant. However, when Korean Roy Choi drove his Kogi Truck throughout the LA area, cooking up Korean short-rib tacos and kimchi dogs, a movement took off. Today, food trucks are a culinary fixture, serving everything from gourmet foods to ice cream, often as outposts of brick and mortar restaurants. But they are expensive to run, making them cost-prohibitive for budding chefs and cooks who can whip up a good meal but don’t have the capital to invest in a full truck. Albuquerque, NM-based Bike and a Box is the answer to their prayers.


Founded in 2016 by David Langer, Bike and a Box is the result of many conversations with customers involved in the coffee industry who wanted to take their business on the road. Langer has been in the coffee roasting and sales business for 26 years, owning a coffee roastery in Albuquerque now run by his wife. According to Langer, a food truck business can cost tens of thousands of dollars to start up. “A lot of younger millennials are getting into it,” said Langer. “It enables them to start a business. If one location doesn’t work, they can easily find another location. The investment is less than $5000.”

Langer’s son Jonathan is a design engineer and they conceptualized the design together. Six people assemble the bikes in a warehouse located across the street from the coffee roastery. The bike platform itself is imported from a large bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan. All components are in metric sizes.


In order to build the canopies that cover the customizable truck boxes, Langer needed to find a supplier that could provide metric size  square carbon steel tubes that could be easily welded to the bike platform in a short period of time. He worked with Parker Steel Company (Maumee, OH) to order carbon steel square tubing ranging in size from 15mm x 15mm x 1.5mm to 20mm x 20mm x 1.5mm. The tubing is strong enough to hold the traditional canopy or the recently introduced solar canopy at 290N/mm2 min. tensile strength. The tubing arrived within days. “We needed a local supplier because the entire customization is done in the U.S. We needed someone who could provide the material pretty fast,” said Langer. Parker Steel is the only steel distributor in the United States that stocks exclusively metric dimensional metals. Completed bikes are usually shipped within two weeks of order.


The six-speed bike itself contains a 250W rear hub-mounted electric assist motor with rechargeable battery that runs at speeds up to 29 mph for those times when pedaling is just too tiring. “With all of the weight – you carry inventory plus equipment plus canopy and anything else – the motor really goes about 20 mph,” said Langer. The stainless steel and wood box is customized to accommodate what is being sold. All counter surfaces are made from stainless steel to satisfy Health Department requirements. “We customize the box depending on what it’s going to be used for. So, if it’s used for coffee sales, obviously it’s going to have coffee-related equipment, if it’s ice cream it will have a freezer,” said Langer. A tap is available for beer sales while heating equipment can be found on hot dog carts. Inside the lacquered plywood box is a stainless steel box that can be washed and sanitized. A floor drain allows water to be drained under the cart. Custom wraps with logos, etc., cover the plywood. The entire Bike and a Box structure is assembled in Albuquerque with parts welded by local fabricators.


The next generation of Bike and a Box will have a larger, heavier platform and box. “It’s almost a little kitchen on a bike that’s going to be able to do much more,” said Langer. “It’s going to have a bigger sink – or four sinks – and you can make food with a propane stove, not just serve it.” The four-compartment sink also fulfills Health Department requirements.


Business is growing steadily – they are now selling in 20 states – and Langer expects to sell more bikes with the introduction of the new generation in 2018. The company will be relying on its suppliers and fabrication partners even more as word continues to get out. The relationship with the bike platform manufacturer in Taiwan is strong and the need for a U.S.-based metric part supplier to fit the metric-sized frame is growing. With lead times of two weeks, the ability to receive parts in a day or two is integral to delivering these bikes to budding entrepreneurs.


  • If you have a product made using our metric products and would like to be featured on our website, blog and Twitter feed, please email:

Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine Features Parker Steel


Parker Steel featured in Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine

Metric Size MetalsRead the article here:



Today’s Medical Developements- Metric Sized Medical Metal from Parker Steel Co.

Parker Steel Featured


Parker Steel has been highlighted by Today’s Medical Developments Magazine . Click on the article below for details on how Parker Steel is providing the materials needed in the Medical Equipment marketplace


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Welcome Shawn Kaelber, Parker Steel’s Information Technology Manager


Shawn Kaelber 

IT Manager at Parker Steel

Shawn Kaelber - IT at Parker Steel

Shawn Kaelber


[MAUMEE, OH – September 2017] Parker Steel Company is pleased to announce that Shawn Kaelber has joined the company as IT Manager. In his new role, Shawn is responsible for overseeing and managing Parker Steel’s information technology department including computer and network systems and installation operations, telephone systems optimization, and other related projects. He is a liaison between Parker Steel’s customers, vendors and consultants. As part of the company’s management team, Shawn reports directly to president Jerry Hidalgo and helps shape policies and plans to improve upon current business practices and building a strong future for Parker Steel.


“Shawn has strong hands on experience in computer networking, hardware/software systems, digital and VOIP telephone systems and website management,” said Hidalgo.  “His proven track record in his areas of responsibility positions him to be a strong contributor in helping to further improve and build our business.” 


Shawn graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Applied Business, Computer Network Administration. Most recently, he spent three years as IT Director at Midwest Packaging Solutions. Prior to that he served 3 years as Shipping Manager, then 8 additional years as IT Director at Bergquist, Inc.



Welcome James Kaufman, Sales Manager


Parker Steel Welcomes

James “Jamie” Kaufman, Sales Manager

Parker Steel's newest team member, James Kaufman

James Kaufman- Sales Manager


[MAUMEE, OH – September 2017]

  Parker Steel Company is pleased to annunce that James (Jamie) Kaufman has been appointed Sales Manager of the company’s Maumee, Ohio-based sales operation. He is responsible for developing and executing strategies to build incremental sales for Parker Steel’s metric metal supply business as well as overseeing the efforts of the company’s sales team. In his new role, Kaufman is also a part of Parker Steel’s management team, reporting to president Jerry Hidalgo.


“Jamie’s experience and focus on managing our sales team and deploying initiatives to build additional sales will help us grow moving forward,” said Hidalgo. “Jamie brings 15 years of strong experience in sales and business development, and more than 10 years of sales management.


Kaufman graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Finance and has served in sales and business development and sales management positions at Eleetus, Impact Business Design Group and About Golf, Ltd.


Parker Steel’s Headquarters Moves


The New Home of Parker Steel Company

Parker Steel Moves for the First Time in it’s 60 year History

Parker Steel's Headquarters

Parker Steel’s New Headquarters in Maumee, Ohio

Leo Goldner founded Parker Steel in 1955. The business began as a steel brokerage company specializing in structural metals such as carbon channel, angel and tees.  Leo rented space in the previous location at 4239 Monroe Street.  His landlord, allowed him to use the space for free for the first year or so until Leo could make a profit. Leo couldn’t even afford to buy the steel his customers needed, so he purchased the steel using the money he asked for up front from his customers. He would then quickly buy the needed steel and whatever else he could afford and send the purchased items immediately out to the customer.  This made business very stressful, trying to keep the customers happy while building his inventory.  By 1970 he had a staff of about eight employees, including his son and current owner, Paul Goldner.


In the beginning, Parker Steel sold inch-size material; we did not specialize in metric size metals as we do now.  The building had been remodeled only once since 1955, about 20 years later in 1975. In those days, carpet was a popular choice for floor coverings, but at Parker Steel we thought it made an ideal soundproofing material as well.  That lovely brown shag carpeting remained on the walls throughout the office from that time forward. As appealing as that sounds, imagine the added delight of the residual cigarette and cigar smoke that plagued everyone’s sinuses even years after smoking was banned in the facility. Obviously, this move to a better-looking (and better smelling) building was a welcomed change for our staff.


The new headquarters at 1625 Indian Wood Circle in Maumee offers our employees and visitors, a bright and airy work and meeting space with rustic beams and wooded views. The building is located in Arrowhead Business Park, which is surrounded by many delightful eateries, shops and parks.  The former Parker Steel location was located on a busy street in an eroding area of Toledo. When Leo settled the company there it was a desirable area of town. Sadly, that part of Toledo has been on an economically downward spiral for some time.


As a bonus, it happens that the majority of our staff lives much closer to the new location, and many are using the opportunity to ride their bikes to and from work. A small walking trail and park are near our building, providing a pleasant place for all of us in the business park to walk, run, ride or just simply take in a bit of nature on our breaks. Deer, possum, hedgehogs, squirrels and birds all find refuge in these woodlands.  With our building’s expansive views of nature, many of us are able to observe these animals in their home environment right from our desks.


We enjoy having visitors, so please call us if you would like to spend some time here with us. Bring your walking shoes and we’ll go for a stroll.


 About Parker Steel Company

Founded in 1955, Parker Steel is the only steel distributor in the United States that stocks exclusively metric dimensional metals.  The staff works closely together to fulfill customer orders, ninety-six percent of which ship out the same day.


Ideal for applications where pre-sized metric parts are needed, Parker’s cold drawn rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats; TG&P shafting; chrome-plated shafting; tubing in seamless and welded diameters; welded square and rectangular tubing; round and square telescopic tubing; hydraulic and capillary tubing; threaded rod, cold and hot rolled sheets and plates; shims; tees; angles; channels; beams; and drill rod are available in millimeter sizes. They also stock metric sizes in carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, and brass aluminum. Plate shearing and production saw cutting services are available when needed.


Inventory includes cold drawn rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats, TG&P shafting, chrome plated shafting, tubing in seamless and welded diameters, welded square and rectangular tubing, round and square telescopic tubing, hydraulic tubing, capillary tubing, threaded rod, cold and hot rolled sheets and plates, shims, tees, angles, channels, beams, and drill rod in carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, tool, and nickel alloy. In addition to its Maumee, Ohio-based headquarters, the company maintains two warehouses in nearby Toledo and has a customer service line dedicated solely to Spanish-speaking customers.


Parker Steel is ISO 9001:2015 and CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified.



Metric Metal from Parker Steel Company Used in Energy Industry Applications


Energy Industry Metal Supplier

Supplying Metals to Energy Industries

ISO 9001 Certified

Energy Industry Products

Corrosion resistant materials used in wind, solar, gas, hydro/ electric applications.

Parker Steel Company offers the largest supply of metric-sized metals in North America. Chrome-finished and chrome-plated parts offer corrosion-resistance to 200 hours in salt spray testing to ISO 9227 specifications with a rating of nine. The high-strength and exceptional corrosion-resistance make them suitable for the energy industry. They can be used in wind turbine, infrastructure, offshore platform equipment, earth moving equipment, cranes, forklifts, etc., in nuclear, wind, electrical, and natural gas power applications.  Parker Steel offers Special packaging  for nuclear power customers requiring stainless steel parts to prevent cross contamination with those made from carbon steel.


Inventory includes cold drawn rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats, TG&P shafting, chrome plated shafting, tubing in seamless and welded diameters. They also offer welded square and rectangular tubing, round and square telescopic,  hydraulic tubing and  capillary tubing. Threaded rod, cold and hot rolled sheets and plates, shims, tees, angles, channels, beams, and drill rod as well.  They sell a huge variety of materials such as carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, tool, and nickel alloy.


Parker Steel Company was Founded in 1955, Parker Steel is the only steel distributor in the United States that stocks exclusively metric dimensional metals. Parker Steel is ISO 9001 and CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified. 96 percent of all orders are shipped the same day from the company’s Toledo-based warehouses. In addition to its Maumee, Ohio based headquarters, the company maintains two warehouses in nearby Toledo and has a customer service line dedicated solely to Spanish-speaking customers.

WE ARE OPEN >> CLICK HERE << To view our latest notification on freight delays affecting parcel & LTL transit times.
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