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Metric Size Aluminum

19th of November 2019
September 2019

Wide Variety of Metric Size Aluminum

Did you know that Parker Steel has an enormous inventory of metric size aluminum products? This strong but lightweight and easily machinable metal is used in virtually every industry. Its lightweight properties make it ideal in the beverage, automotive and aerospace industries.
We’ve Got it All
Parker Steel stocks a huge supply of aluminum in round, flat, hex and square bar as well as round, square and rectangular tubing. We also offer it in structural shapes such as channel, angle and tee as well as sheet and plate. We offer a variety of grades including the 2000 5000, 6000, and 7000 series and a seemingly endless number of metric dimensions. Our in-stock inventory is huge, and most items ship out same day.
It’s “Green”!
Recycling aluminum requires only about 5% of the energy it requires to extract it from the earth, making it one of the most environmentally friendly metals. Even the byproduct of aluminum production and recycling is used in concrete and asphalt production. And don’t worry about running out any time soon; Aluminum is one of the most abundant material on earth!
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