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Welded & Cold Square and Rectangular Carbon Tubes Standard

Welded and Cold Sized Square and Rectangular Carbon Tubes – PS #CATU-05



The purpose of this standard is to clarify Parker Steel (PS) product delivery expectations.


The supplier will be accountable to ensure that when processing a PS purchase order, the specifications outlined below will be the standard provisions. If PS orders any material type, or deviate from the specifics of this standard, it shall then note the special requirement in detail on each purchase order line item.

Stainless steel packing shall be compliant to ASTM A700 absolutely no contact with carbon (strapping or otherwise.

All parts of EN10305-5 shall govern part production and tolerances. Specific requirements pertaining to the Standard Options are provided below

  • 7.2 Tube Manufacture & Delivery Conditions Cold drawn /hard Symbolized CR1 (BKM) Table 1
  • 8.2 Chemical composition – Comparable to carbon steel grade E235 without options
  • 8.3 Mechanical Properties Comparable to carbon steel grade E235. Table 4 and A2
  • 8.4 Appearance and Internal Soundness – without options. Consistent color.
  • 8.5 Dimensions and Tolerances
    • 8.5.1 Parker Steel will provide dimensions for Outside Diameter and Wall Thickness in millimeters (mm). The formula to convert mm to inch is (mm / 25.40005) = inch Table 6
    • 8.5.5 Option 12 Length 20 feet +/- 5 inches
      Ends plain, squared and deburred
  • 9. Inspection- without option
  • 10. Sampling- per ISO 9001 and SOP
  • 11. Test Method- per ISO 9001 and SOP
  • 12. Marking- without option 13 Protection & Packaging- without option
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