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Parker Steel’s Headquarters Moves


The New Home of Parker Steel Company

Parker Steel Moves for the First Time in it’s 60 year History

Parker Steel's Headquarters

Parker Steel’s New Headquarters in Maumee, Ohio

Leo Goldner founded Parker Steel in 1955. The business began as a steel brokerage company specializing in structural metals such as carbon channel, angel and tees.  Leo rented space in the previous location at 4239 Monroe Street.  His landlord, allowed him to use the space for free for the first year or so until Leo could make a profit. Leo couldn’t even afford to buy the steel his customers needed, so he purchased the steel using the money he asked for up front from his customers. He would then quickly buy the needed steel and whatever else he could afford and send the purchased items immediately out to the customer.  This made business very stressful, trying to keep the customers happy while building his inventory.  By 1970 he had a staff of about eight employees, including his son and current owner, Paul Goldner.


In the beginning, Parker Steel sold inch-size material; we did not specialize in metric size metals as we do now.  The building had been remodeled only once since 1955, about 20 years later in 1975. In those days, carpet was a popular choice for floor coverings, but at Parker Steel we thought it made an ideal soundproofing material as well.  That lovely brown shag carpeting remained on the walls throughout the office from that time forward. As appealing as that sounds, imagine the added delight of the residual cigarette and cigar smoke that plagued everyone’s sinuses even years after smoking was banned in the facility. Obviously, this move to a better-looking (and better smelling) building was a welcomed change for our staff.


The new headquarters at 1625 Indian Wood Circle in Maumee offers our employees and visitors, a bright and airy work and meeting space with rustic beams and wooded views. The building is located in Arrowhead Business Park, which is surrounded by many delightful eateries, shops and parks.  The former Parker Steel location was located on a busy street in an eroding area of Toledo. When Leo settled the company there it was a desirable area of town. Sadly, that part of Toledo has been on an economically downward spiral for some time.


As a bonus, it happens that the majority of our staff lives much closer to the new location, and many are using the opportunity to ride their bikes to and from work. A small walking trail and park are near our building, providing a pleasant place for all of us in the business park to walk, run, ride or just simply take in a bit of nature on our breaks. Deer, possum, hedgehogs, squirrels and birds all find refuge in these woodlands.  With our building’s expansive views of nature, many of us are able to observe these animals in their home environment right from our desks.  


We enjoy having visitors, so please call us if you would like to spend some time here with us. Bring your walking shoes and we’ll go for a stroll.


 About Parker Steel Company

Founded in 1955, Parker Steel is the only steel distributor in the United States that stocks exclusively metric dimensional metals.  The staff works closely together to fulfill customer orders, ninety-six percent of which ship out the same day.


Ideal for applications where pre-sized metric parts are needed, Parker’s cold drawn rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats; TG&P shafting; chrome-plated shafting; tubing in seamless and welded diameters; welded square and rectangular tubing; round and square telescopic tubing; hydraulic and capillary tubing; threaded rod, cold and hot rolled sheets and plates; shims; tees; angles; channels; beams; and drill rod are available in millimeter sizes. They also stock metric sizes in carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, and brass aluminum. Plate shearing and production saw cutting services are available when needed.


Inventory includes cold drawn rounds, hexagons, squares, and flats, TG&P shafting, chrome plated shafting, tubing in seamless and welded diameters, welded square and rectangular tubing, round and square telescopic tubing, hydraulic tubing, capillary tubing, threaded rod, cold and hot rolled sheets and plates, shims, tees, angles, channels, beams, and drill rod in carbon steel, alloy, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, tool, and nickel alloy. In addition to its Maumee, Ohio-based headquarters, the company maintains two warehouses in nearby Toledo and has a customer service line dedicated solely to Spanish-speaking customers.


Parker Steel is ISO 9001:2015 and CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified.




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