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Supplier Requirements


  • Parker Steel (PS) Purchase Orders must be acknowledged back to PS within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Material substitutions, or tolerance deviation from what is specified on PS purchase order, are not permitted without prior approval and an amended order obtained from PS.
  • Carbon steel products shall be coated with a RoHS compliant rust inhibitor.
  • Material shall be from one heat per line item only, unless approved in advance by PS.
  • Product heat traceability shall be provided at time of shipment to PS.
  • All shipments must be prime, free of rust, labeled/tagged with heat numbers, blocked and bundled for overhead crane unloading.
  • Material Certifications identifying country of origin must be emailed to PS Purchasing for each item shipped to PS.
  • Quantity tolerance acceptance is +/- 10% of amount ordered unless approved in advance by PS.
  • Product shall be packaged to protect from the weather and for safe transport from origin to PS dock
  • International Suppliers to PS shall utilize packaging that is compliant to all International Trade Regulation ISPM #15.
  • Ship order lines complete.  Partial shipments allowed only with prior approval from PS.
  • US Suppliers shall use shipping method and carrier specified on PS purchase order.
  • US Suppliers must provide written Advanced Shipping Notice via email to prior to delivery over 1000 pounds.
  • US suppliers must include packing list with shipment
  • Maximum weight of bundle is four (4) ton
  • International Suppliers shall notify PS Purchasing when product is ready so transportation can be arranged.
  • International Suppliers shall provide an electronic copy of the packing list to PS Purchasing upon dispatch
  • Preferred method of communication on quotes and order information to PS is by email.
  • A non-conformance handling fee ($250 per occurrence) plus logistic expenses may be charged back to the supplier for product that fails to meet industry quality standards.
  • Items not ready to ship as promised may require delivery at the supplier’s expense
  • The requirements stated above are in addition to Parker Steel’s standard purchasing terms & conditions.
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