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At Metric Metal, we supply high-quality stainless steel square tubes. These tubes are available in different grades and sizes, so we can accommodate your specific tube preferences and needs.

What Is a Stainless Steel Square Tube?

A stainless steel square tube is a long bar of steel that has a hollow interior. It got its name from its square cross-section. Since it’s made of steel, it’s highly durable. It’s likewise resistant to corrosion, rust, and stains. These tubes can even withstand acid, salt water, and chemical exposure.

This type of tube is divided into two categories — seamless steel pipes and welded steel pipes. As its name suggests, a seamless steel pipe has a smooth and unobstructed composition and lacks any welds on the surface. Meanwhile, a welded steel pipe has a bent steel plate that is welded into a square shape, creating a seam on the pipe’s body.

Common Uses for Stainless Steel Square Tube

The resistance of stainless steel square tubes gives them a wide scope of outdoor applications. Their hollow interior makes them excellent for transporting fluids like gasoline, water, and other petroleum products too.

Despite their robust structure, these tubes are relatively light and can be bent to accommodate different use cases. They’re also essential components in the production of certain equipment, mechanical parts, and industrial infrastructure.

Here are some of the products, systems, and structures that use stainless steel square tubes:

  • Cookware and other heavy food processing equipment
  • Architectural wall paneling
  • Exterior railings and bracket trims
  • Quarrying and water filtration systems
  • Heat exchangers
  • Mining screens
  • Chemical repositories
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Petroleum pipelines

Metric Metal: Top Stainless Steel Square Tube Supplier

Metric Metal is a Parker Steel company that has been providing engineers and construction companies with the pipes and metals they need since 1955. We provide our clients with nothing but excellent products and customer service.

We are the only steel distributor in the U.S. that exclusively supplies metric dimensional metals. If you need a pre-sized metric stock, you’ll save time and financial resources since your tubes won’t need further work.

We also have an extensive stock list consisting of over 5,000 line items. Furthermore, you won’t be pressured to buy a lot of tubes since we have a low minimum order requirement. We can even arrange drop shipments to meet your specific demands.

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From kitchen machinery to engineering structures, stainless steel square tubes have a plethora of useful applications. If you’re searching for a place to order these tubes, look no further than

If you’re ready to order, build your quote, or contact us for inquiries. Our staff and resident metallurgists are prepared to assist you with any technical questions. In addition, you can visit our services page to learn more about cutting services, packaging services, or material certification for stainless steel square tubes.

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