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Copper is a conductive, malleable, and heat-resistant material. It blends well with other elements like zinc, tin, and bronze. Thus, a copper rectangular bar is a great option for your construction, industrial, automotive or electrical projects.

What Is a Copper Rectangular Bar?

Also known as a flat bar, a copper rectangular bar is a tool that offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Since it’s made of oxygen-free copper, it likewise has superb corrosion resistance.

These bars can easily be brazed and soldered. Moreover, they have high ductility which makes them the tool of choice for processes that involve machining. Copper rectangular bars are also ideal for cold and hot-forming applications. However, they cannot be heat treated.

Industrial Applications for Copper Rectangular Bars

Copper rectangular bar can be used in multiple industries due to its versatile composition.

Automobile and Aviation

Copper bars are used in cars and aircraft manufacturing. They are used to build copper rotors and increase the power output of electric and hybrid vehicles. They’re also an essential component of spark plugs, bus bars, base plates, and other automobile parts.

HVAC and Electrical Systems

Your home or office’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems contain copper bars. Copper can kill harmful microbes and pathogens that go through these systems and help improve air quality.

Moreover, these bars are present in most electrical appliances. This is because of copper’s conductivity and resistance to high temperatures.

Construction and Defense

Many buildings and industrial infrastructure utilize copper rectangular bars. This isn’t surprising since these bars can handle heavy loads, endure extreme heat, and are not prone to rusting.

A copper rectangular bar not only has commercial but also military applications. It’s an integral part of many armor-plated vehicles, firearms, and other military equipment. It’s likewise used to manufacture bullets and certain projectiles.

Metric Metal: Top Copper Rectangular Bar Supplier

Metric Metal is a Parker Steel company that supplies metric-sized metal solutions such as copper rectangular bars to engineers and construction businesses. We have almost 70 years of industry experience and are ISO 900 and CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified.

You can rest assured that you’ll get the best products and service from us. We also provide drop shipments to facilitate more convenient transactions.

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From automobile and aviation to construction and defense, a copper rectangular bar has many applications. If you want the best quality copper bars, look no further than Metric Metal. Visit our site to get a quote and learn more about our services.

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