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Common Uses For Copper Rectangular Bar

Copper rectangular bar (also known as flat bar) has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is naturally corrosion resistant. It is the purest grade of oxygen-free copper and has much tighter limits on impurities than other grades. Copper rectangular bar can be soldered and brazed, but it cannot be heat treated. It’s a good selection when machining is involved due to its high ductility. Copper is also good for cold and hot forming applications.


Industrial applications of copper rectangular bar include base plates, bus bars, heat exchanging components, plumbing fittings, automotive spark plugs, and other electrical components.


Copper Rectangular Bar Grades

At Metric Metal, we offer copper rectangular bar in 110 grade in a variety of sizes.


Select a grade and choose your size to add copper rectangular bar to your quote or start building your quote here.


Copper Rectangular Bar Services

Visit our services page to learn more about custom cutting services for copper rectangular bar from Metric Metal.

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