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We provide premium-quality brass round bars in a wide range of diameters. Our brass round bar stock is a ductile metal with a smooth finish and gold-like luster. They also have a natural ductility and machinability that allows the bars to be formed into different shapes and sizes according to the customers’ needs.

A metric brass round bar can be used for projects that require materials with durability, ductility, and machinability. This makes it an excellent option for many processing techniques.

Common Uses For Brass Round Bar

Our metric brass round bar can be used in a variety of applications. It is most commonly used for machining different mechanical components. The characteristics of a metric brass round bar makes it work both for indoor and outdoor use, as well as industrial and everyday use.

Industries that deal with high temperature and high-pressure environments — like marine, food processing, and paper production — heavily use brass round bars. Brass round bars are also widely used in the electrical and construction industry, as well as decorative purposes.

Brass round bars are ideal for the following:

  • Marine equipment and shafts
  • Gears and lock components
  • Machined parts
  • Base plates
  • Faucet components
  • Instruments
  • Braces
  • Houseware
  • Fasteners
  • Electrical wiring
  • Connectors
  • Molding and trim
  • Thermostat parts
  • Ornamental projects

Advantages of Brass Round Bar

Tensile Strength

Brass round bars have great tensile strength. They can carry or withstand between 49,000 to 68,000 psi. The bars also have a high shear strength of 30,500 to 45,000 psi.


Aside from its exceptional strength, brass round bars are also highly durable. In addition, brass has a natural corrosion resistance, as well as great machinability.


A metric brass round bar is highly malleable, which allows manufacturers to manipulate the brass easily into their desired form. Brass round bars can be shaped with a die or lathe machine.


Brass round bars are commonly used for electrical work. It has the advantage of being a non-sparking or spark-proof conductor. This helps reduce the risk of sparks and potential fire hazards.

Economical Cost

Despite all these characteristics and benefits, brass remains one of the most affordable metals. Its low cost is due to its wide availability, as its main components, copper and zinc, are found in abundance. Moreover, brass round bars generally do not need special equipment or expensive tools to manufacture.

Purchase Your Brass Round Bar Today

Parker Steel proudly offers the largest selection of metric metals in North America. Aside from premium brass round bars, our inventory also includes other high-quality metal components like carbon steel square tubes — all in various sizes.

For any order inquiries or assistance in determining how much brass round bar you need for a project, you may call 800-333-4140 or visit our website to request a quote.

Please note that items shown on our website may not accurately reflect our current inventory. For a better shopping experience, contact us to inquire about our current stock.

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    This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
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