Aluminum plate stock is similar to aluminum sheet as it is versatile in its ability to machined. Aluminum plate stock is corrosion resistant and has great weldability. The difference between aluminum plate and aluminum sheet is thickness. To make aluminum sheet, aluminum plate is rolled to become longer and thinner.


Aluminum plate stock is used in situations where more heavy-duty strength requirements are present. Aluminum plate can be found in military, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Since it is durable under both extremely hot and cold temperatures aluminum plate is used on fuel tanks in spacecraft. In military applications, aluminum plate’s strength-to-weight ratio makes it great for vehicle armor.


At Parker Steel, we offer aluminum plate stock in 5754, 6061, 7075, and 5083 – precision grades. We can also cut to your size and specifications. View our services page for more information on cutting or sheering. To start an order, request a quote today.


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