Aluminum flat bar (also referred to as aluminum rectangular bar) offers an excellent combination of weldability, machinability, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum flat bar stock is non-magnetic, so it is useful in situations where electronic devices are being used because it will not interfere.


Industrial applications of aluminum rectangular bar include aerospace manufacturing, marine equipment, and industrial applications. Aluminum flat bar is used frequently in the aerospace industry because it is not magnetic as it will not interfere with the complex flight technology. It is also suitable for marine applications because of its corrosion resistance. Industrial and manufacturing industries use aluminum flat bar because of its machinability and high tensile strength under extreme temperatures.


At Parker Steel, we stock metric sized aluminum flat bar 6060 grade in a variety of sizes that can be can cut to your specifications. View ourĀ services page for more information on cutting or sheering. To start an order, request a quote today.


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