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Domestic- Carbon & Alloy Cold Drawn Material Standard

Carbon and Alloy Cold Drawn Material Standard- PS # CD01CA



The purpose of this standard is to clarify Parker Steel (PS) default product delivery expectations.


By signing below, the supplier contracts with PS to ensure that the requirements are a part of their internal work order instructions for PS and therefore, delivered materials and documentation.


The supplier is accountable to ensure that when processing a PS purchase order, the specifications outlined below will be the standard provisions. If PS requires any material type not listed, or deviate from the specifics of this standard, it shall then note the special requirement in detail on each purchase order line item.

All parts of ASTM A108-03 shall govern part production and verification with exception as noted with * below.

mm to inch conversion: mm size 25.40005 = inch size
( rounded to the ten thousandths place)


Sharp corners on all Square, Hex & Flat bars


LTL = boxed
Flatbed = bundled
Materials & Manufacture per Sections 5 & 8
6.2 condition for all shapes is cold drawn
6.3 Heat Treatment as per purchase order

Tolerances per Section 8
unless specified
differnetly on purchase order.
Parker Steel Standard tolerance
over 0/ Under per table

Length call out below with tolerances of +/-6 in
Hex, Square & Flats = 12 ft.
Rounds up to 20mm = 12 ft.
Rounds 20mm and over = See PO.
Stainless Steel All shapes & sizes = 12 ft.

Workmanship, Finish & Product Presentation per section 9
Certification per Section 10
Furnish material certification at time of shipment
ASTM Chemical Composition Standards per sec 7
A29 = 1018 / 1045 / 12L14 / 1215 / 4140ANN (LPA)Â 8650 (SA)
A193 B7 = 4140HTQ&T
A311 = 1144 / 1141 / 1144SP(Class B)
Required Bar Marking* by Grade per Supplementary Section S8
Do not paint Induction Hardened Material
1018 = Brown
1045 = Beige
1141 = Orange
1144SP = Grey
1144 = White
1215 = Light Blue
12L14 = Green
4140ANN = Purple
4140HTQ&T = Black
8650 = Gold
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