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Carbon Steel is a steel alloy with high carbon content and includes a variety of other alloying elements, such as manganese or silicon. Also referred to as mild steel, carbon steel is commonly used for structural purposes such as in buildings and bridges. It is also used in the manufacturing of gears, shafts, rails, pipelines, couplings, automobile parts, and appliances. The higher carbon content the steel has the better tensile strength necessary for the components of cutting tools, punches, dies, springs, and high-strength wire. In general, carbon has a dull silver finish in its natural state.

Benefits of Carbon

  • Better tensile strength
  • Durability
  • Shock resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Economical

Common Applications for Metric Carbon

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Tools
  • Bicycle industries

Metric Carbon Products

Metric Carbon Round Bar
Metric Carbon Hex Bar
Metric Carbon Square Bar
Metric Carbon Flat Bar
Metric Carbon Round Tube
Metric Carbon Square Tube
Metric Carbon Rectangular Tube
Metric Carbon Flat Oval Tube
Metric Carbon I Beam
Metric Carbon Angle
Metric Carbon Channel
Roll of galvanized steel sheet. Close up view.
Metric Carbon Sheet
Metric Carbon Plate
Metric Carbon Floor Plate
stack of stainless steel plate for background used
Metric Carbon Shim
Metric Carbon Threaded Rod
Metric Carbon Tee Bar


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