Approved Supplier Requirements for Parker Steel

Approved Supplier Requirements


  • Supplier will maintain an active ISO 9001 certification of quality system. Supplier will provide certificate upon request
  • Supplier’s practices and procedures will safeguard materials from acts of terrorism as evident by achieving a minimum score of Conditional Pass as a Parker Steel Business Partner. Read More.
    • Security Profile Questionnaire.
  • Supplier will maintain financial health and soundness and provide evidence of such as requested by Parker Steel
  • Supplier acknowledges Parker Steel Terms and Conditions relating to the purchasing of materials
  • Supplier agrees to provide Material Test inspection Certificates for all material sold to Parker Steel.
  • Supplier agrees to above terms(Supplier Capability Data Sheet)

Suppliers that wish to engage in a long term trade relationship by agreeing to above are invited to transmit their capabilities to Parker Steel via the Supplier Capability Data Sheet.

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