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4th Quarter 2018 Newsletter

15th of November 2018


Exciting Changes at Parker Steel
We’re Expanding!
With many new sizes coming in and increasing product demand, it has become essential to create space for more material. We are in the process of building a 25,000 square foot warehouse which will join up with one of our existing warehouses. This new warehouse will feature high tech equipment and technology, top of the line end loading forklifts and high level storage racking systems. The completion date is set for January 2019. With all of this extra space, we will have more of what you need in stock for fast shipments.
New Carriers
Due to the heightening demand and rising fees for LTL shipments, we at Parker Steel have reacted swiftly to bring the best possible shipping value to our customer.
We have added 7 local and national carriers to our approved carrier list including Holland, Old Dominion, ABF, Estes, Saia, YRC and R&L Carriers. We will continue to expand this list in order to continue to bring the best possible service to all of our customers. Parker Steel has a 99.9% Same Day Shipping Performance record. Click here to see our incredible performance history.
96% of Orders Ship Same Day.
Founder Leo Goldner Turns 95
Leo Goldner established the original Parker Steel Company in 1955. He began the business selling hard to find structural steel items mostly to Canada. Leo is still involved in the business and in fact, is credited for the idea of the new warehouse expansion program.
Leo and his wife, Marian (95) enjoy a surprisingly eventful life in Florida these days. These lovebirds celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary this year as well. Congrats to you both!
Successful Audit
Parker Steel recently passed our 2ndexternal audit of the ISO 9001-2015 standard. We have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2005 and achieved re-certification to the new standard in 2017. This year again, we passed our external audit, with flying colors.
Parker Steel, truly lives and breathes the Quality Management System (QMS) which is critical to our continued success.
Going Green
In an an ongoing effort to lessen our environmental impact, Parker Steel is “Going Green”. We are working with California’s stringent regulations making the necessary changes for shipments headed for California. In our Marketing and Administrative departments we are taking steps to reduce paper waste as well as using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible.
Please email us here to let us know the address you would like for us to begin sending your digital invoices.
1/2% OFF
We offer ½% 10 Days/Net 30 discount for our open account customers.
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