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3rd Quarter Newsletter 2022

29th of September 2022
We’ve Got Steel…LOTS OF IT!!
Are you tired of hearing your salesperson say, “sorry, that item is back-ordered”? We know that this is a challenging time to get a product, no matter what it is. Shelves are bare, and we must settle for products we would not have chosen before because of ongoing supply chain issues.
At Parker Steel, our commitment to keeping items in stock is our highest priority right now. We are working hard to maintain our inventory to pre-Covid levels and are succeeding. Still, most items ship the same day from our Toledo, Ohio warehouses.
With the rest of the world making excuses for lead times, Parker Steel has already done all the work to ensure our shelves are full. So call, email, or fax your request today!
Large Inventory * Fast Shipping * High Quality
Meet Darrel!
Darrel Johnson, aka DJ Rizzle, has been a beloved warehouse associate for nearly five years. Darrel is known at Parker Steel for his positive attitude, friendly demeanor, and commitment to accuracy of size and material quality. In addition, Darrel’s motivating personality pushes people to get the job done, especially when things are busy and chaotic.
What makes Darrel special? Well, he proudly owns more than 30 pairs of dress and tennis shoes!, makes a mean lasagna, has six children and 14 grandchildren, and was a DJ for 14 years! In addition, Darrel enjoys fishing, bowling, and traveling. His future plans include….more fishing, more bowling, and more traveling!
Darrel is proud of the many skills he has learned at Parker Steel, including torching and plasma cutting. He is also proud of Parker Steel’s commitment to excellence; he gets that from his Grandfather, who taught him the value of staying positive and helping those in need.
We appreciate you, Darrel, and we are lucky to have you on our team!
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