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1st Quarter 2019

19th of November 2019
News From Parker Steel
Windmill Component Supplier
Parker Steel is a provider of material used in the construction and production of windmills. We have structural material in the metric sizes required for these high-tech machines, many of which are designed in Europe. We supply raw material for many of the other energy industries such as solar, hydro, nuclear, gas, oil and wind.
Remember, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so we comply with the strict regulations, packaging and traceability needed to supply material to these and other industries.
Huge Inventory of 4140 Alloy
4140 is a versatile material grade. It is a low alloy steel, which is used across many industries. It is tough, has a high fatigue strength, and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
Parker Steel offers 4140 material in round, flat, square and hex bar as well as round tube with a variety of conditions including annealed and heat treated. Hundreds of millimeter sizes are available. For more information, see our product guide or download it here.
Expansion is Complete!
We are putting the final touches on our brand new adjoining state-of-the-art warehouse. Complete with high level storage racks, side- loading forklifts, high tech lighting and over 25,000 square feet of storage space. Now you can get even more of what you need, faster.
Having this new warehouse on the same property as two others will speed up order fulfillment time and increase the ability to ship more items same day.
Meet our New Account Executive
We are pleased to announce the addition of Keith Koelsch to the Parker Steel team, in the position of Account Executive.  In this role, Keith is joining our Inside Sales Team, ensuring that we efficiently meet or exceed our customers’ needs. 
For the last 17 years, he has worked in Customer Service/Inside Sales. In this role, he has worked closely with customers and team members in developing cost-effective solutions for their customers.
Keith’s strong customer service experience makes him a great addition to our team. Welcome to the team, Keith!
Getting Greener Day by Day
In an an ongoing effort to lessen our environmental impact, Parker Steel is “Going Green”. In our Marketing and Administrative departments, we are taking steps to reduce paper waste as well as using recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible. We now email over 50% of invoices as opposed to paper mailings.
Please email us here to let us know the address you would like for us to begin sending your digital invoices.
1/2% OFF
We offer ½% 10 Days/Net 30 discount for our open account customers.
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