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Looking for a metal solution that has high tolerance and versatility? Whether you’re working on an industrial, residential, or commercial project, having equipment and materials made from tool steel drill rods is a solid choice.

Metric Metal produces high-grade metal solutions including tool steel drill rods. Our high production capacity likewise allows us to accommodate huge volume orders. Contact us at (800) 333 4140 so we can begin working on your drill rods today.

What Is a Tool Steel Drill Rod?

A tool steel drill rod is a round-shaped metal bar fabrication. It’s made from tool steel and finished within tight tolerances. This gives the metal solution good resistance against shock, deformation, and high temperatures. Despite being robust, these drill rods are malleable enough to mold and can be heat-treated to restore rigidity. These metal solutions likewise work well with other materials and alloys, thus adding to their versatility.

Tool steel drill rods are often used to make construction tools like taps, shafts, drill bits, files, punches, hammers, reamers, broaches, mandrels, and drill bits.

Types of Tool Steel Drill Rods

Tool steel drill rods can be classified according to how they were hardened.

Water-hardened Drill Rod

Water-hardened drill rods are the most commonly used type and have the least alloy content. They’re made by heating the drill rod until it becomes glowing red and then cooling it in a water tub. As a result, you get a sturdy metal solution that is easy to machine and mold. Water-hardened drill rods are the main component of most hammers, razor blades, and chisels.

Air-hardened Drill Rod

On the opposite side of the spectrum are air-hardened drill rods. These rods have the most alloy content, which results in extremely high durability and pressure resistance. The sturdy composition makes an air-hardened drill rod the perfect solution for gauge, shear, and punch manufacturers.

Oil-hardened Drill Rod

An oil-hardened drill rod is created by plunging a heated rod into a warm oil basin. These rods contain just enough alloy to accommodate machining and welding procedures. The balanced nature of these rods makes them ideal for producing general tools.

Metric Metal: Tool Steel Drill Rod Manufacturer

Metric Metal is a Parker Steel company that has been supplying metric-sized metal solutions to engineers and construction companies for almost seven decades. We offer all types of tool steel drill rods, which also come in different grades and sizes. Metric Metal likewise has a 120,000 square feet warehouse where over 5,000 line items are stored, so you don’t have to worry about us running out of stock.

Furthermore, we are ISO 900 and CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certified. You can rest assured that the tool steel drill rods you get from us are high-quality and safe.

Contact Metric Metal Today

Want the best tool steel drill rod? Look no further than Metric Metal. Our metal solutions will help you craft the perfect construction tools and equipment. Contact us today at (800) 333 4140 or visit our website to get a quote.

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