S700MC Thermo- Mechanically Hot Rolled Plate

S700MC Thermo- Mechanically Hot Rolled Plate Products

EN 10149-2: Chemical & delivery conditions, EN 10051 (table 4): Tolerance information

S700MC is a Thermo-Mechanically rolled fine grained hot rolled weldable material suitable for cold forming. S700MC – S: Structural Steels, 700: Minimum Yield Strength, M: Longitudinal Charpy V-notch impacts, temperature not lower than -20 degrees C.

This material has a very clean smooth surface finish for laser cutting; it can bend not giving up tension during processing. S700MC material is not suited for areas with high continual heat; it will start losing its mechanical properties. S700MC will have excellent formability in the cold form, weld ability and impact strength.  This offers much higher mechanical properties that the S355MC material.

S700MC is a fine grain steel according to EN 10149 which receives its mechanical figures over a strong cooling after rolling (shock cooling).

S700MC will conform to EN 10149-2, delivery conditions and chemical information. EN 10051 will supply the tolerance, use table 4 – based on the plate width this will give you tolerance information.


Typical Applications:

Truck chassis assemblies

Automotive industry     

Earth moving machines

Farm machinery


In these applications this high strength steel saves on weight and increases payload.