S355 Grade Descriptions


S355 EN 10025: Standard Structural Steel Products

S355 structural steel is a high-strength low-alloy European standard structural steel covering four of the six "Parts" within the EN 10025 – 2004 standard. With minimum yield of 50,000 KSI, it meets requirements in chemistry and physical properties similar to ASTM A572. Careful attention should always be placed on the specific variation of S355 required if considering substitute material.

S355 is used in almost every facet of structural fabrication. Typical applications include:

•             Structural steel works: bridge components, components for offshore structures

•             Power plants

•             Mining and earth-moving equipment

•             Load-handling equipment

•             Wind tower components

S355 C: 0.23 max Mn 1.60 P: 0.05 max S: 0.05 max S: 0.05 max

US equivalent grade would be ASTM A572 GR50

S355 - Min Yield 50 000 KSI 355 N/M mm2
S355- Tensile 470 - 630 N/ mm2

Structural steels are used in many ways and their application can be diverse. They are particularly useful because they offer the unique combination of good welding properties with guaranteed strengths.  Structural Steel is an extremely adaptable product and helps maximize strength or structure while minimizing its weight.

 The construction industry is the biggest consumer of Structural Steel, where it is used for all manner of purposes and employed at diverse scales. Whether a small box lintel is used to carry the load of a structural wall in a residential property or a vast I-beam is bolted in place to hold the road surface on a bridge, structural steel can be specified, designed and fabricated for the job.

Thermo-Mechanically rolled fine grained hot rolled weldable material suitable for cold forming.

S355MCS: Structural Steels, 355: Minimum Yield Strength, M: Longitudinal Charpy V-notch impacts, temperature not lower than -20 degrees C.

This material has a very clean smooth surface finish for laser cutting; it can bend not giving up tension during processing. This could happen with S355JR. S355MC material is not suited for areas with high continual heat; it will start losing its mechanical properties. In these applications S355JR is best used without losing mechanical properties. S355MC will have excellent formability in the cold form, weld ability and impact strength.

Applications: Truck Chassis, Automotive industry, Earth moving machines, Farm machinery and Cranes. In these applications, this high strength steel saves on weight and increases payload.

S355JR is not a replacement for S355MC; there are differences between the two callouts. S355JR is according to EN 10025 which receives mechanical figures with the elements in the steel, S355MC is a fine grain steel according to EN 10149 which receives its mechanical figures over a strong cooling after rolling (shock cooling).

Material is somewhat comparable to ASTM A572 Gr. 50; this is the closest American grade.

S355MC will conform to EN 10149-2, delivery conditions and chemical information. EN 10051 will supply the tolerance, use table 4 – based on the plate width this will give you tolerance information.